Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Today is a day so calm,

For suffering souls the perfect balm.

Outside a window a beautiful world I see,

A world with no sun to burn you or me .

A world like world of my dreams

A world with birds, flowers and streams ,

A world under cloudy canopy,

A world in which I always love to be ,

Trees, huts ,streams all lie in a grey wrap,

All rocking in nature’s soothing lap.

Grey for most may mean gloom,

But for me it makes my heart bloom.

Let me in this mysterious world reside ,

A world for which my heart always cried

This is the world where I always want to be ,

This is where I can be real me.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Stage ……. So Strange

There comes a Stage in life,

When life becomes a strife .

When questions are many answers few ,

Each answer brings question new.

The questions come in never ending chain ,

And bring along a lot of suffering and pain .

Questions leave you on a confused state,

Making you believe that that’s your fate.

In life are left colours none ,

Dark clouds appear when you are looking for sun .

You don’t wish to laugh nor wish to cry ,

And you don’t know what’s happening and why?
This stage could come at any time ,

When you are fifteen , thirty or ninety nine .

If ever you find yourself in this stage ,

And life begins to appear like a cage .

Just remember time moves on,

Before you know the stage will be gone .

Friday, July 25, 2008


Aum Bhurbhuvah Svah | Tatsaviturvarenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi |
Dhiyo yo nah Pracodayat

Om is the Primal sound , God . It denotes the specific attributes of God , the creation , sustenance and dissolution of inviduals as well as the universe. The primal word Pranav is OM . It is the only name of God which came first of all in existence as primal name in the form of sound or word . this Vedic knowledge is well recognized by others also . The bible reveals “ In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God ; He was in the beginning with God ;all things were made through Him; and without him was not anything made “[The Gospel according to John 123]’

Scientists declare that the universe began with a big bang (a loud humm)

The universe began with sound , the first appearance of the cosmos and that sound was ‘OM’ the ‘Pranav’, the word was God himself – the infinite absolute and all pervading .
Bhuh Bhuvah and Swah :- these three are the divine mystical utterances of God ‘Taittariyo Upanishad ‘gives the explanation of these utterances . Bhu Bhuvah and Svah as Bhu is this planet earth ,Bhuvah is space and Svah is heaven ;Bhuh is fire, bhuvah is air and Svah is sun ; Bhuh is Rig Veda, bhuvah is Yajurveda and Svah is Sama Veda ; Bhuh is Prana (the air which we inhale – Oxygen), bhuvah is ‘Apana(the air which we exhale out – carbon-di-oxide) and Svah is ‘Vyana’ (air which exists inside and takes part in chemical actions and reactions in the body;These are not the end of the meaning of ‘Bhurbhuvahsvah’; Bhuh is known as Sat (being consist of energy with quality of attraction ), bhuvah ‘Chitta (Awareness or consciousness) and Svah is Ananda (Bliss) ;
Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has revealed that Bhuh is ‘Materialization’, Bhuvah is ‘Vibration ‘ and Svah is ‘Radiation’which combines all the explanation as given above .
Materialization(Bhuh) takes place from Energy as Scientist have proposed that energy is converted into matter . The conversion of energy into matter is Bhuh . Bhuvah , the ‘Vibration’ is the empty space an immense background of ultra higher energy on top of which matter quantizes wave like excitations The movement quality of matter and energy is ‘Bhuvah’.The quality of radiation in different forms ; the pervading quality of Divine principle is Svah . The heaven full of energy ,awareness and bliss is Svah from where materialization ,vibration and radiation takes place .

Tat- that
Savituh - (Savita Dev God of enlightment)
Varenyam – Accompany with him , choosing him as a companion or friend
Bhargo – Blemishless , Pure and Pious
Devasya – to(belongs)
Dhi – Meditate to install inside
Mahi - Within me ,Mine
Dhiyo - Intellect
Yo(Yah) – he
Nah – our
Pracodayat – to promp , to instigate

“ Meaning Of Gayatri Mahamantra”

with chanting the primal pranav sound name of God ,who is Sat Chtta and Ananda , the cause of creation sustenance and dissolution , I remebber the glory of divine mystical utterance of His will , which is existing in various ways of materialization , vibration and radiation of this universe . I meditate and sustain within me the blameless , pure and pious savita Deva who is the God of enlightenment as my most beloved companion and I pray him to remove our darkness of ignorance , enlighten us and instigate our intellect and lead us towards good thoughts good words and good deeds .

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Innerself (Atma) is the Cosmic Supreme Person :

Purusa Sukta in Vedas explain that cosmic Supreme person appeared in the beginning is all pervading ,omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient who had manifested Himself as Universe with a variety of living and non living things residing as the Atma in the heart of every being

It is declared that a sacrifice (yajna)was performed where all seasons and personal belongings were offered and the supreme person was tied at the sacrificial post .

The spiritual significance of this sacrifice is attainment of self realizationleaving away the body consciousness of coolness of autumn , hotness of summer and pleasantness of spring season; the total detachment from atmospheric pleasure and sorrow

Physical body consists of five elements (Panch Mahabhuta) is medium for spiritual practice in the circumstantial status of day and night which represents seven boundaries of the Yajna Kunda . Offering twenty one foggots (Samidha)of five sense organs five action organs ,five Circulatory System ,Consciousness (Chitta),mind , intelligence , ego, dharma and adharma represent the the disunion of all possession and attainment of state of detachment and unselfishness

Tiding the supreme person , at sacrificial post (yagna vedi), mind in the heart ,so that it may not move away from mind during the meditation process. To remove the dirt and dust of delusion (maya)sprinkling of water of of continuous recitation of japa Mantra is necessary so that effulgent, magnificent and splendorous true form of self (Atma ) be known . devas Rishish and Sadhyas had done this type of Sarvahut Yajna by sacrificing all the possession and belongings hence became immortal

Sacrifice of all belongings and possession and becoming detached and selflessness was declared as the primal base of dharma

During the period of preaching to Arjuna by Lord Krishna about the selfless and detached action as the path towards immortality , had revealed that this knowledge was given by him in the beginning to to sun God who had transferred it to sage Manu . Devas and Rishis explored this knowledge and got wisdom and immortality

In present days Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is telling that man should not work to please anybody else but for his own self satisfaction which leads human kind towards self sacrifice and self sacrifice is the only base for self realization , Atma Sakshatkar